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The Audio Spotlight System is a unique new audio technology that creates extremely directional beams of audible sound, much like those of light. By aiming the beam at a specic area, sound can be delivered to those that desire it, while maintaining relative quiet in surrounding areas.

The system consists of an amplier and speaker disc. The amplier receives audio from most standard sources, and converts it to a proprietary ultrasonic signal. The ultrasonic signal is then amplied and delivered to the speaker disc.

The disc reproduces the ultrasonic signal very accurately, and delivers it through the air. As the ultrasound travels through the air, the air itself converts the ultrasound to audible sound, creating a “virtual loudspeaker” e ect with extremely high directivity. All processing is done in real-time, and the system and controls are designed to be familiar to any user having experience with traditional sound systems.

The system includes a special safety “watchdog” circuit that monitors operating conditions, including proper connection to transducer, temperature, voltage levels, and power levels, and will interrupt system functionality if a problem is found. This helps prevent damage from, for example, plugging a video cable into the Audio Spotlight amplier.

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AS-16-B 40 cm x 40 cm x 1,9 cm
Price on request
AS-16-W 40 cm x 40 cm x 1,9 cm Price on request
AS-24-B 60,3 cm x 60,3 cm x 1,5 cm Price on request.
AS-24-W 60,3 cm x 60,3 cm x 1,5 cm Price on request