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  • 3D-Clone in HDR Umgebung.
  • Vorbereitungen für Modelling - Vespa PX.
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Compact system for directinal sound in high-end retail, museums, galleries, waiting areas etc..

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sound shower

This system deliver a high-quality, focused sound output in a predefined Area.

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sound dome

This system is suitable for areas with high ambient noise - with improved sound isolation.

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Focusable sound in a sleek design. Suitable for displays in different sizes.

3D visualization & animation

Motiongraphics and other dynamic 3D-effects are becoming increasingly important. The multi-media world is not imaginable without these effects.

Whether in the field of marketing, such as product visualization, in the technical area, architectural visualization, or just static 3D objects.


open source software

To keep investment costs for necessary software equipment low, more and more companies use open source software.

Solutions for web and ecommerce, such as Joomla, WordPress, PIWIK, osCommerce or Magento, as well as various applications in the field of crm and bpm.